Camisa: H&M | Sweatshirt: Converse | Blusão: H&M | Calças: H&M | Sapatilhas: Vans
Relógio: Casio | Óculos: Zara

I never felt beautiful. I always felt like the awkward kid in the room. Misplaced and misunderstood. For a long time I thought that the only beautiful thing about me was my hair. I always felt like I needed to hide behind it. And that's why I decided to shave it all off. To step out of my confort zone. To feel brave and empowered. This is so much more than just feeling beautiful or ugly. It's about feeling good in your own skin. It's about feeling confident with yourself. It's about feeling brave and empowered. It has been a long road for me but today, with no hair, I feel more confident than ever. Today, with no hair, I feel brave and empowered. Today, with no hair, I feel good in my own skin. And it's the best feeling ever.

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